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Jason Williams (
Wed, 1 Oct 1997 14:11:53 -0500 (CDT)

On Wed, 1 Oct 1997, George Shutrump wrote:
> If an 'open' eye means that another participant is viewing your image, what
> does a 'closed' eye mean?

It means that participant ISN'T viewing your image

> What does a black or dark square over the eye mean?

This is a Mac-only thing...From what I gather, it means they haven't
fully connected to the reflector yet. I've typically seen the black
square for people that have just connected to the reflector. I've never
known the technical reason for it but I have used it to diagnose a
reflector. If a lot of people are staying connected with a black square
over the eye, there's something wrong with the reflector. It might have
to do with packet loss reporting or something.

> What does the red bar to the right of the mike mean?

This is another Mac thing that I wish would be added to the PC version.
It's for packet loss reporting. The left bar is for receiving, the right
bar is for sending. It shows percentages of packet loss for each client.
It's helpful to tell at a glance how much packet loss there is.

> Some participants names are in red - what does that mean?

That means they are sending color video. (Now if only Cornell could add
that feature to the PC version)

> Most microphones have a line through them and some have an 'X' through
> them. What does the 'X' mean?

I always have to think about this one...If they're microphone has an X
through it, it means they can't receive audio. If the earphones has an X
through it, it means they can't send audio.

If the microphones have a line through them, it means you're already
sending audio to someone else. At least I think that's's been
so long since I messed with audio on the Mac versions. I could be

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