Re: video for job interviewing

Jason Williams (
Wed, 1 Oct 1997 14:27:39 -0500 (CDT)

On Wed, 1 Oct 1997, Gary Dietz wrote:
> Some local and national ISPs are starting to test and rollout MeetingPoint
> as a commerical service. I suggest e-mailing your local or national ISP
> and asking them if they are currently on board.

Only national ISP I've seen with CU-SeeMe is Compuserve..
Perhaps White Pine can update their "Video Chat Directory" list of
reflectors so that more users can actively participate and help test. I'm
surprised ISP's are willing to offer reflectors for the public..with all
the bandwidth they consume. Are these local and national ISP's offering
their MeetingPoint Conferencing Servers to the public? Or are they just to
the members of the ISP?

I once knew an ISP here ( that tried using CU-SeeMe as a means
for tech support. I don't think it worked out too well.

> If these avenues fail, contact me directly and I'll see what we can do for
> you here at White Pine--no promises(<=== This is not an open invite for
> free private conferences people!)

There's always a lot of public reflectors out there
( but finding a
minister via CU-SeeMe may be an interesting challenge.

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