Connecting B&W QC to PC

Bob Elliott (
Wed, 01 Oct 1997 16:16:35 -0700

Quick Question:

I have a B&W QC (no documentation) that I would like to connect to my NT
box. The camera has three connectors at the end of its cable ...
a DB-25 connector (male), a Standard Keyboard connector (female) and a PS2
connector (male).

Do I connect the QC in the following manner to the ports on my computer?

1. DB-25 connector (male) -> DB-25 port (female)
2. Standard Keyboard connector (female) -> Standard keyboard port (male)
3. PS2 connector (male) -> PS2(female) Standard Keyboard Connector (male)
ADAPTER -> Standard Keyboard port (female)

Is there a WWW site/page detailing this setup?

Thanks for reading this ... if possible please email me with your replies
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