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>Quick Question:
>I have a B&W QC (no documentation) that I would like to connect to my NT
>box. The camera has three connectors at the end of its cable ...
>a DB-25 connector (male), a Standard Keyboard connector (female) and a PS2
>connector (male).
>Do I connect the QC in the following manner to the ports on my computer?
>1. DB-25 connector (male) -> DB-25 port (female)
>2. Standard Keyboard connector (female) -> Standard keyboard port (male)
>3. PS2 connector (male) -> PS2(female) Standard Keyboard Connector (male)
>ADAPTER -> Standard Keyboard port (female)
>Is there a WWW site/page detailing this setup?
>Thanks for reading this ... if possible please email me with your replies
>Bob Elliott, Professional Services, iSTAR Internet, Inc.
>Phone: (604) 668-0623 Fax: (604) 668-0601

The "Y" cable on the quickcam plugs into either :
an adaptor and then into the keyboard port
or directly into the keyboard port, depending on the size/gender of the
connectors and your keyboard connectors.

If the first is true, then the keyboard goes into the second side of the
"Y". If the second is true, then the keyboard goes into the adaptor, which
then goes into the second side of the "Y".

For the software, go to:

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