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hello list,
Someone answered some sort of driver question with this url.....

> I would start out with making sure that you have the latest drivers:
> download from
My question is this:
How do I know which drivers I need?
My system is only 1+ year old. And some programs when installing say my
system has drivers or files that are newer than the ones being installed,
do I want to keep them..(yes). But how do I find which drivers are the ones
I need?
I've been to many update your driver web pages, but have no idea how to go
about deciphering which
drivers I need...
I don;t want to make the mistake of installing a driver that would conflict
with my system. I have the latest quickcam drivers.....that was pretty
simple....either win3.1 or Win95.
My system
Win95 (also WIN3.11 in diff directory)
Pentium 75mhz (upgrade coming soon)
500+ Megabytes (upgrade coming soon)
33.6k baud (fairley new)
All video conf hardware

One more before I go......
I had windows for workgroups 3.1.1 than using System Commander, I was able
without partitioning my HD, to install WIN95 as well, though in a diff
directory. THis way I can run either on startup...SC asks which OS I'd like
to questions is: How can I uninstall WIn3.11 without jurting my
WIn95 setup.
I'd like to run WIn95 soley on my computer without any further interference
of WIn311. I am sure my pc would run better and the Video Conferencing
would work better too.
If this is irrelevant please disregard

> You should also check to see if you do have conflicts, or if W95 has
> installed the drivers in the wrong place.
> (1) Right Click MyComputer/Properties, Choose Device Manager/Sound, video
> and game controllers and look on the list for your card. If the name of
> your card has a ! next to it then there is a conflict. If you find the
> name of the sound card in the wrong category, then you will have to
> reinstall.
> (2) Remove the old one first. Just click on the offending driver
> and click on Remove.
> _____________
> this is the text of the original post:
> _____________
> woman with an ibm compatible, windows95 and a new Sound Blaster Awe64
> sound board sent me the following message. any suggestions on what the
> source of the problem is as well as how it can b solved would b
> appreciated. the problem occurs when she tries to run the color version
> quickcam in black and white mode with cuseeme when the sound board is
> installed. quickcam works fine with cuseeme when the sound board is
> it sounds like it may b an irq conflict. if it is indeed an irq conflict
> how does one go about resolving it. i dont know how many slots she has
> free. she is using enhanced cuseeme (im not sure of the version).
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> From:
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> Subject: computer
> The message I get is:
> CUSeeme 32 caused a general protection faul in module sb16snd at
> 0001:00000e49.
> If this problem persis contact your vendor...
> The problem persists and I have contacted CuSeeme and Sound
> results....they each say the other is responsible...
> I can send you a copy of my cu info file...let me know if it is
> needed...
> Thanks a lot for your help.
> --- end forwarded text
> Mark Andrew Nassy <>