Re: SUMMARY: ab switch problem.

Skip (
Thu, 02 Oct 1997 08:10:26 +0800

Ross Binnie wrote:

> I use a mechanical AB switch in the same application and it works ok.
> Actually I have another T switch downline for 2 printers. The port to
> switch cable is very short (about 2'). Switch is made in China. Model
> DS252, Importer Startech Computer Accessories Ltd. London Ontario, N6A 1R8.
> Selling price varries, I paid CDN$20.00 .
> Have had IRQ probs up to here, so tend to stick with the simplest method of
> getting things done.
> Ross
> ----------

I have one parallel port and am running a quickcam, scanner, printer, and
Iomega zip drive all off that port using a Recoton A/B swwitch (approx $20).
The quickcam uses the "B" side only. The rest use the "A" side and make use of
the data passthroughs in the zip drive and scanner. Everything works ok. I
have an ancient system at home and don't want to put any more money into it so
the above configuration was necessary but it does work.

Regards to the list.