Getting Timed-Out!

Pastor Chris M. Farmer (
Sat, 04 Oct 1997 18:21:19 -0700

I got some b\w Connectix Cams (refurbs) and also CU-SeeMe and now my
wife when she's out of town-and my son who lives out of town can connect
with video and talk with mics back and forth on the net. We have to
freeze the video to use audio but it seems to work pretty good.

My wife and I have Win 3.11 and 75 mhz and 83 mhz cpu's. My son has Win
95 and 66 mhz cpu. He gets timed out faster because I believe his ISP
has a shorter idle time out. Perhaps 10 min. My wife's idle time out
is 20 min. and mine is 30 min.

It appears that CU-SeeMe is transparent when connected? I thought maybe
a chatwindow chat would make the connection recognized so it wouldn't
time out with my son or wife. It timed out anyway!

What can you do when you're connected to make the ISP recognize it and
therefore delay the time out.

One more question, please! Is there a reflector site that's usually
open to people and is public and g-rated, and okay to use without the
White Pine version of CU-SeeMe.