Re: IP Addresses & DC's

Rolf Hemmerling (
Sun, 05 Oct 1997 18:16:57 +0100

Mike (T.Michael) Smith wrote:
> Hi. I'm trying to connect CuSeeMe from one of my computers to another, but
> have noticed that my IP addresses seem to be "dynamic" I believe...
a) If both computers are connected by Internet, You have a different
dynamic IP. If both computers are connected by Ethernet, there is a
another *static* IP of the Ethernet card (e.g. for computer1
and for computer2, but this values are *Your* choices during

b) Try

If both computers (WINDOWS only I think, currently, but MAC support is
promised soon for ICQ) are running an ICQ and/or FOUR11 client, You may
a) using computer2 to click at the homepage of computer1 at FOUR11
to start CU-SEEME on computer2, while computer1 has CU-SEEME already
started so that this fact already caused a dynamic change in the html
code of the homepage (red light feature !!)
b) use ICQ to contact the other computer and ask for a CU-SEEME
connection (direct call, too), so that both CU-SEEME clients are


All about ICQ, CU refs and Iphone user dirs:
My FOUR11 homepage:

All about CU-SEEME, Iphones:

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