Re: Getting Timed-Out!

Rolf Hemmerling (
Mon, 06 Oct 1997 05:20:15 +0100

Pastor Chris M. Farmer wrote:
> He gets timed out faster because I believe his ISP
> has a shorter idle time out. Perhaps 10 min. My wife's idle time out
> is 20 min. and mine is 30 min.
Don=B4t You mistake the CU-SEEME client and server timeout with that of
Your providers ? The WP shareware client version 2.1.1x has a timeout
of 30 minutes, the WP shareware client version 3.x a timeout of 15
minutes, the CORNELL client and server versions have *no* timeout, of
course. There are even some WP shareware refs online, as I learned (?),
and they have a 10.. 30 minutes timeout, too (does anybody know the
exact values for the different shareware versions ?). Additionally, I
learned (?), some refs are able to cut off a non-paying user after a
certain time, in opposite to paying users. Is this kind of timout
possible with any ref at all ? I can=B4t remember the details or the ref
where I read something like this.

Because with CU-SEEME You are always tranmitting as soon as You are
connected, You may not be caught by "idle times checks" of Your
provider, from my point of view. Look at hthe txt led on Your modem !


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