Re: Videoblaster Webcam

Skip (
Mon, 06 Oct 1997 09:51:56 -0700

A friend recently purchased a color Videoblaster Webcam manufactured by
Creative Labs. She has version 0.92b2 from Cornell running on a pentium with
Win95. She couldn't get CuSeeMe to work which I assume is because the Cornell
version doesn't support color. We were able to connect using Netmeeting,
however. Her video was quite blurry and she doesn't know what to do to adjust
it. Has anyone had experience with this camera? Is there a way to focus it or
is that automatic? Also, what codec should she be using and where would that
be specified? Finally, will this cam operate in b/w mode ? If so, can it then
be used in CU?.

Regards to the list,