Re: Videoblaster Webcam

Jason Williams (
Mon, 6 Oct 1997 14:35:10 -0500 (CDT)

On Mon, 6 Oct 1997, Skip wrote:
> A friend recently purchased a color Videoblaster Webcam manufactured by
> Creative Labs. She has version 0.92b2 from Cornell running on a pentium with
> Win95. She couldn't get CuSeeMe to work which I assume is because the Cornell
> version doesn't support color.

It doesn't support color for sending/receiving, but you can use the
Preview window to see if the card is working right. I assume it is since
you've gotten it to work with Netmeeting. You may need to go to the format to adjust the mode. Try each one of them
and see if it works. I have to use 15-bit RGB on my STV TV/PCI card to
get it to work in Cornell.

> We were able to connect using Netmeeting,
> however. Her video was quite blurry and she doesn't know what to do to adjust
> it. Has anyone had experience with this camera? Is there a way to focus it or
> is that automatic?

Can't help you there...I assume the camera came bundled with it? The
VideoBlaster I'm aware of is a capture card only... It didn't come with a
camera. Maybe try plugging the camera up to a TV/VCR and see if it's
still blurry.

> Also, what codec should she be using and where would that
> be specified? Finally, will this cam operate in b/w mode ? If so, can it then
> be used in CU?.

I'd recommend using the Cornell Grey codec since that allows her to be
seen by everyone. It's not so much that B&W mode is supported by the
camera as much as it is finding a mode the CU-SeeMe will convert into B&W.
If there is no mode that it can use, she'd be stuck to sending color
(MJPEG or something) and only being seen by White Pine users. Try
changing the Video Format..and see if one of them works.

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