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Mon, 06 Oct 1997 18:26:29 -0500

Pastor Chris M. Farmer wrote:
> Alvena, Mark, Rolf, and others!
> Thank you for your input. I have CU-SEEME ver. WO.84B7 as do my wife,
> son, and daughter. It sounds like there shouldn't be a time out problem
> from the software end from what Rolf said. I tried using Chat window
> with my son, but maybe he was in the process of getting timed out when
> we began. I'll try again, Alvena. Mark could you clarify what you
> meant by watching the transmit and receive rates? How should the
> settings be adjusted? I'm going to call my son's ISP and see what their
> idle time out is after I send this e-mail.
> Thanks,
> Chris
> P.S. Anyone know of a g-rated public reflector site where I can get
> together with my family and people don't care if you yap for a half
> hour!

I have looked in the archives for a great message sent be Bill W. a
while back, but I can't find it. Let's just say that you can safely set
your transmit and recieve rates to the same number, which is equal to
the connection rate of your internet access if you have a full duplex
audio card. This means, a card that is capable of working in both
directions at the same time A half duplex card (and there are some!)
allows only one at a time. If you have one of these, you should probably
get rid of it, or set your rates at half each.
To find out your access speed, double click on the twin computer icon at
bottom corner of your Win 95 screen. You should see "Connected at
-----". If it says 38,4, you can put that number in your
View/Preferences/Rates box. I would stay to the conservative side on
this. 28 or 30 should be enough in the situation I have shown. But the
important thing is not to exceed the number found there.
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