Versions and Reflector Sites

Pastor Chris M. Farmer (
Tue, 07 Oct 1997 12:04:48 -0700

Jason, Gary, Tom, and others,

Thank you for your replys!!!

I called my son's ISP and the idle time out was 10 minutes like I
suspected. I liked Alvina's previous suggestion of having email checked
every so often to keep the idle time out away.

Jason, looked at your list of about 190 (170 or something, active in
last 3 days) reflectors last nite. What a Duke's Mixture! Thanks for
the public site near the bottom of your note. What does the 3.1x ver of
CU-SM do to annoy when at a reflector site with color cameras? I don't
want to wreck anyone's day. :)

Gary, I appreciate your steering me to a reflector site and I noticed in
the Oct. 7, "PC Magazine" p.272 the Oct. 10th H.323 compatible
*MeetingPoint* (for connecting different clients at one place)---looks
cool! What does the Cornell versions use---are they H.323 compatible.
I just know dribbles about this, the PC Mag I mentioned earlier had some
nice info.

Tom, I'll try the site later this week and give you some feedback if I
know what I'm doing!

Mark, I appreciate the trans-receive setting suggestions and if you find
that paper you're looking for I'd promise to read it!

The reasons I'm interested in video-conferencing is that: 1) I have a
new grandchild I want to see more than less. <vbg> 2) I'm teaching
confirmation by e-mail and the web and would like to add "cheap"
videoconferencing to that. or 3) I'd like to use "cheap"
video-conferencing with Profs in various Seminaries when lay students
are in the middle of or have finished classes (video tapes and mentors)
with them. We have them come to Professional Leadership Conferences and
that's super for talking with pastors and lay folk in training for
ministry! 8) Videoconferencing would be an inbetween time learning

God Bless,