Re: Versions and Reflector Sites

Jason Williams (
Tue, 7 Oct 1997 21:45:29 -0500 (CDT)

On Tue, 7 Oct 1997, Pastor Chris M. Farmer wrote:
> I called my son's ISP and the idle time out was 10 minutes like I
> suspected. I liked Alvina's previous suggestion of having email checked
> every so often to keep the idle time out away.

That should work out fine as well...In fact, come to think of it, I know a
lot of people at the University which do the same thing.

> Jason, looked at your list of about 190 (170 or something, active in
> last 3 days) reflectors last nite. What a Duke's Mixture!'s really picked up with active refs within the last month or
so...There's a lot more reflectors out there to use. There's also a lot
more EMPTY reflectors out there it seems...I often wonder if the reflector
market will ever peak and then back off in terms of new reflectors.

> Thanks for
> the public site near the bottom of your note.

No problem...My reflector has been publicly available (at one IP or
another) since mid-1994...It's fun to see people using the software.

> What does the 3.1x ver of
> CU-SM do to annoy when at a reflector site with color cameras? I don't
> want to wreck anyone's day. :)

It doesn't do anything that I know of...Only people with 3.X can see you
if you choose the H.263 video codec though. Also, you can't send color
video at all on the Cornell reflectors. You can on Enhanced Reflectors
though. If you send color at all, Cornell users won't be able to see you.

> Gary, I appreciate your steering me to a reflector site and I noticed in
> the Oct. 7, "PC Magazine" p.272 the Oct. 10th H.323 compatible
> *MeetingPoint* (for connecting different clients at one place)---looks
> cool!

I may have to pick this magazine up now :)
MeetingPoint is a neat idea...bringing together multiple H.323 clients to
one place...I'm still not sure how it works or how well it works. I
experimented it out with a nice woman (Lady Xeen) the other night with
mixed results. If we both used NetMeeting to connect to the MeetingPoint
reflector, we could see each other fine..
I could see her NetMeeting video using the latest CU (3.1.0.X) from White
Pine..the only problem we had..was she couldn't see my video at all (even
when I was sending in the H.263 codec).

So it definitely has potential...still has bugs to be worked out it seems.

> What does the Cornell versions use---are they H.323 compatible.

The Cornell version was put originated about 4-5 years before H.323 even
existed :)
There was no standard for video conferencing at the time...the standard is
fairly new from what I Cornell uses their own techniques..
White Pine does this for a lot of things as well.

> The reasons I'm interested in video-conferencing is that: 1) I have a
> new grandchild I want to see more than less. <vbg>

Diaper-cam at its best :) I know a few families which keep in touch thru's one of the ideas that makes CU nice.

> 2) I'm teaching
> confirmation by e-mail and the web and would like to add "cheap"
> videoconferencing to that. or 3) I'd like to use "cheap"
> video-conferencing with Profs in various Seminaries when lay students
> are in the middle of or have finished classes (video tapes and mentors)
> with them. We have them come to Professional Leadership Conferences and
> that's super for talking with pastors and lay folk in training for
> ministry! 8) Videoconferencing would be an inbetween time learning
> experience.

This sounds like a nice idea...If you succeed at this, I'd love to hear
about it. The educational uses I've used it for include classwork,
etc..but there was always a wealth of bandwidth. I'm not sure how well
that would work via modem...but it sounds like a cool idea.

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