Re: Version and Time 0uts!

Rolf Hemmerling (
Tue, 07 Oct 1997 18:41:17 +0100

Mark L. Bardenwerper, Sr. wrote:
> Let's just say that you can safely set
> your transmit and recieve rates to the same number, which is equal to
> the connection rate of your internet access if you have a full duplex
> audio card. This means, a card that is capable of working in both
> directions at the same time
Yes I agree
> A half duplex card (and there are some!)
> allows only one at a time. If you have one of these, you should
> probably get rid of it, or set your rates at half each.
I still got a SOUNDBLASTER-PRO (8-bit stereo, half duplex, very
compatible with all very-old, current and new games), so.. this is
concerning me. Would You please *explain* why You propose to set the
rates at half each ? Please explain technically, very deeply, if You

BTW, the bad thing with the still-very-compatible SOUNDBLASTER 16 PNP is
that there is no manual audio speaker loudness level control anymore (no
wheel at the back side of Your card anymore). With old games which are
SB-2.0 compatible but don=B4t know about the audio mixer of the SB-PRO an=
newer cards, the mixer is knocked off and the *full* 100% loudness
blasts out of the speakers line ! So if You connect passive Hifi
speakers and no active speakers and no Hifi amplifier to the PC as I do,
which is great for power saving if the computer is used with voice&fax
mailbox software, it blasts You away ! And the SB 16 without PNP is just
available from second hand, with a lot of luck ! "Don=B4t sell" !!!

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