Re: Versions and Reflector Sites

Pastor Chris M. Farmer (
Wed, 08 Oct 1997 01:53:41 -0700

Jason Williams wrote:

> > the Oct. 7, "PC Magazine" p.272 the Oct. 10th H.323 compatible
> > *MeetingPoint* (for connecting different clients at one place)---looks cool!

That page (272) was just an advertisement saying MEETINGPOINT was coming
on October 10th! Nice articles in the mag on monitors,
video-conferencing and video-streaming, though. Made me feel good about
using CU-SM and my $53 b/w quickcam and $12 microphone. (P^)

> I may have to pick this magazine up now :)
> MeetingPoint is a neat idea...bringing together multiple H.323
> clients to one place...I'm still not sure how it works or how well > it works.
You must have been doing a little beta-testing?



*Diaper-Cam* <bwg> Learn something new everyday! My wife and son
will get a kick out of that terminology!