Re: Versions and Reflector Sites

Jason Williams (
Wed, 8 Oct 1997 14:17:05 -0500 (CDT)

On Wed, 8 Oct 1997, Pastor Chris M. Farmer wrote:
> Jason Williams wrote:
> > > the Oct. 7, "PC Magazine" p.272 the Oct. 10th H.323 compatible
> > > *MeetingPoint* (for connecting different clients at one place)---looks cool!
> That page (272) was just an advertisement saying MEETINGPOINT was coming
> on October 10th! Nice articles in the mag on monitors,
> video-conferencing and video-streaming, though. Made me feel good about
> using CU-SM and my $53 b/w quickcam and $12 microphone. (P^)

October 10th? Guess I'll have to check up on WP's web page...That's news
to me. Yeah, it's nice to have such an easy and cheap way of getting into
video conferencing. Back when I started with CU-SeeMe, the only way to
send video was to pick up a $300 capture card for a Macintosh and carry
around a bulky camcorder. It worked great, but wasn't suited for a mass
market like the Quickcam (and other parallel port cameras) serve.

> > I may have to pick this magazine up now :)
> > MeetingPoint is a neat idea...bringing together multiple H.323
> > clients to one place...I'm still not sure how it works or how well > it works.
> You must have been doing a little beta-testing?

What makes you think that? <grin>... Actually, not yet anyway...all I've
done so far is test with a couple other MeetingPoint reflectors out there.
WhitePine is advertising their "MeetingPoint Commons" reflector as a place
to go to test things out. I've been there with NetMeeting but haven't
seen anyone else there.

So far, I haven't been THAT impressed with H.323 mainly because the
NetMeeting user I was connected with thru CU-SeeMe couldn't see my vid at
all...I'm hoping this will change. It's also quite spooky on the
NetMeeting end of things because you never really know who is watching
you. CU-SeeMe lurkers don't appear on the NetMeeting side of things from
what I can tell. I imagine this can be gotten around by restricting a
conference to H.323 traffic only.

> *Diaper-Cam* <bwg> Learn something new everyday! My wife and son
> will get a kick out of that terminology!

Hehe...well.. in this case, I'm glad there isn't Smell-U-Smell-Me
yet..that would really be interesting to see/smell. Kind of related to
that, I've seen a few news stories lately about Nursery Schools installing
webcams in the nursery so the parents can "monitor" their kids from the
web. Supposedly it somehow upholds the bonds between parent and child
even while the parent is gone. is grand :)

A perfect market for White Pine: Nursery workers wishing to run a
reflector for parents to keep in contact with their kids.

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