Re: Hauppauge WinTV/dbx TV tuner

Daniel W. Erskine (
Wed, 08 Oct 1997 20:32:37 -0500

Mark L. Bardenwerper, Sr. wrote:
> Daniel W. Erskine wrote:
> >
> > Greetings:
> > I've got a Hauppauge WinTV/dbx TV tuner PCI board, and have verified
> > CU-Doodle is configured properly ("MSVIDEO=cudoddle.dll" in my
> > "system.ini" file). I'm also using the Cornell version of CU-SeeMe
> > (version 0.92b2). Whenever I start CU-SeeMe, my video input is
> > defaulting to the WinTV tuner vice the CU-Doodle driver. I cannot
> > switch to the CU-Doodle driver, as there's no menu option to choose
> > otherwise. Upon startup or changing the "Video Source", I get the
> > dialog box message "Unsupported video capture setting". There's no
> > listing in the "cuseeme.ini" file specifying my video input device, nor
> > is there a "MSVIDEO" entry listed in my "system.ini" file, for my WinTV
> > board.
> > QUESTION: How do I get CU-SeeMe version 0.92b2 to switch video input
> > sources, with my setup?
> Why do you need CUDoodle with this card? Just set the
> view/preferences/video/video format/Image format to 15 bit RGB and your
> Image dimensions to 160x120. My Haup card works great.
> Mark L. Bardenwerper #:?)

Thank you for your information, but using my WinTV board is something
want to avoid... for now! I would like to switch between either video
source. CU-Doodle for general connections, and WinTV for point-to-point
Yes, my WinTV card DOES work good, but I like variety ;)

Thanx again,
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Daniel W. Erskine