Rolf Hemmerling (
Fri, 10 Oct 1997 06:49:18 +0100

Gary Dietz wrote:
> It is true that NM users will not know who is watching them from
> CU-SeeMe users.
> This is because NetMeeting and Intel H323 clients were not designed
> for more than a p-2-p connection. =20
So M$Netmeeting and I$ H323 clients are really garbage by
Trash to trash, M$ and I$ won=B4t get ruined by their wrong marketing
decisions.. but so there is space left for truely wanted communication
models: Meeting people in the Internet means viewing several people at
the same time, and talk to them both individually and as a common
group.. like in *real* life in a *real* room !!!

So H.323 is not the final solution for Internet communcation !!! Are
there any newer standards defined which meet group communication
(although they are not yet implemented) ?

BTW: Our german telecommunication company TELEKOM invested in 20%
participation in VOCALTEC. Vocaltec 5.0 and CU-SEEME have a conference

The TELEKOM is advertising ISDN with the argument, that ISDN allows
voice conferencing of 3 users by the normal telephone system. So they
won=B4t switch to NM and H323 clients, never, I hope at least !

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