Re: mac cu-seeme audio from my videocam?

Jason Williams (
Sun, 12 Oct 1997 01:32:58 -0500 (CDT)

On Sat, 11 Oct 1997, Alvena hyde wrote:
> Well, I am trying to remember if there is a way to use my videocam for
> audio input with cu-seeme on a mac 8500AV (150/32/33.6)..seems to me I
> remember someone saying there way a special type of plug, or something,
> that you could use to plug in the audio output from your camera into the
> apple microphone plug, someone mentioned something about the length
> needing to be a certain way to disable the apple mic...but I can't
> remember all of it.
> I am running this ancient GE video cam (15 years old, and it still gives
> decent video, believe it or not) that I have been using with cu-seeme
> for the video, running it through the VCR box, with an output to the
> computer video input with r-type plugs. The vcr also has r-type audio
> output plugs, but I can't get any sound when I use the r-jacks on the
> cpu for audio input....

I'm no Mac expert...but from your above statement..the computer as an RCA
jack for audio. I'd use that. It sounds like you just can't get the
computer to listen from it. Try going to the sound control panel and
switching the audio source. You should be able to switch to and from the
AV audio port and the mic jack.

You can always run an RCA to 1/8" converter to run the audio from the
camera into the mic jack..but if I recall, they aren't the same impedance
so you wouldn't have any luck with that. Try the control panel to adjust
it and it should work fine.

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