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Mark L. Bardenwerper, Sr. (
Mon, 13 Oct 1997 23:05:45 -0500

Peter Vass wrote:
> Can anybody give me some help setting CU-SeeMe up with a Video logics
> GS-700 video card with a captivator pro card. I keep getting an error,
> UNSUPPORTED VIDEO. Any suggestions would be greatfully accepted.
> Thanx
Here is a perfect example of a problem that can be solved using search
engines on the Internet: I used Infoseek to search the words Captivator
Pro and found lots of stuff. But the ket find was this one:
When you get there, scroll up and down to find messages pertaining to
your problem. This is the best way to search the archives, as the
archives do not have their own search engine.

Next, go to to see if that will help. I see
they don't list your card in support. This may be bad news, but look
under a related card to find the support e-mail address. Let us know if
you have luck.

I have doubts whether this card will work. Keep in mind that the
archives point to some older mailings. Newer versions support a wider
variety of cards.

Does the card offer a choice of overlay and primary modes? Try both.
Go to view/preferences/video/format and try all of the formats one at a

Let us know if you have luck.

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