Re: Modem users

Nick Birkett (
Wed, 15 Oct 1997 00:06:31 +0100

D@VID said :
>Nick , you mean you aren't a cu-user?
>its a neat way to meet folks and chat.
>doc .

I am using a 28.8k modem link to the internet.
Well isn't it much easier just to use internet relay chat ?

After much surfing around the various reflectors I have come to
the conclusion that most people out there might as well use IRC.
I even got told off for suggesting to use audio + video with cu-seeme.
Forgive me, but if you can't use audio and video then there isn't much point.
Especially as most of the time the video comes through at 1 frame per 1/2 hour !

Yes I do use CU-Seeme, but in connecting 1 to 1 (don't need a reflector).
If I use an extreme compression audio app - not CU-seem audio, but Speak
Freely - in parallel with CU-Seeme video then I can get audio and video over the
modem link at something that approaches useability (1+ frame per second +
full audio ) . Yes CU-Seeme is a miracle in this case and I give it top marks.

If you are using a high speed internet link, then VAT has been around for years
and gives audio and video (full color), so I guess CU-Seeme is really only addressed
to modem / low speed links or people who insist on using Macs/PC's.

O.k you CAN use CU-Seeme instead of IRC, but then you can also use a sledgehammer to
crack a nut.


p.s don't all reply at once.