Re: Question on forcing IP address in win95

Nick Birkett (
Thu, 16 Oct 1997 00:34:11 +0100

>Using Cornell cu-seeme on a Win95 networked
>system, the program selects the ethernet card
>IP address rather than the dial-up assigned IP.

Yep - I have this problem also and also the same solution :

>Of course, removing the TCP-IP binding solves
>the problem

You are right. This totally sucks !

If you run Qseeme (CU-seeme clone under Linux) then there is no problem.

Then again UNix networking is the tops.
Alternatively MS networking is the pits (just my uninformed opinion).

Other problems under W95 : Have to disable my tv card to use my Quickcam
and vice versa .

Again - there is no such problem under Linux.

I wonder if Windows 98 (if it ever comes out) will work as well as other operating systems
that have been out for years.

I guess you Mac users must have a good laugh at all this .....

Fortunately I use Linux most of the time (it's free, it works and is 99.999% solid - i.e
needs re-booting as often as there are total eclipses of the sun ) .

End of rant against macro soft (promise) .