Re: Question on forcing IP address in win95

Alvena hyde (
Wed, 15 Oct 1997 19:00:28 -0500

Nick Birkett wrote:
> >Of course, removing the TCP-IP binding solves
> >the problem
> You are right. This totally sucks !
> I guess you Mac users must have a good laugh at all this .....

Yep <giggle>...all I get hacked off about is that pointing and's exhausting! But I solved the 'double-clicking' trackball is programmed to double-click with one
click...but it still wears me down <sigh> Well...I guess we ALL have
our problems.....
> Fortunately I use Linux most of the time (it's free, it works and is 99.999% solid - i.e
> needs re-booting as often as there are total eclipses of the sun ) .
> End of rant against macro soft (promise) .

You mean microsuck?
> Nick

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