Re: Question on forcing IP address in win95

Jason Williams (
Thu, 16 Oct 1997 14:14:10 -0500 (CDT)

On Thu, 16 Oct 1997, bj wrote:
> Cornel CU-seeme-linux works great for receiving, but I was
> put off by transmitting images. I understood you need an
> X-Window grabber in linux, cu-seem-linux doesn't connect
> direct to my quickcam.
> Am I on the wrong track ?

Cornell CU-SeeMe-linux? I assume you mean Q-SeeMe which isn't an official
Cornell version but independently created (like the OS/2 version).

>From what I understand, Q-SeeMe just grabs a portion of the screen and
sends it along as video. It's up to you to get another program to display
your picture. should have something there if
you poke around a little.

I believe Q-SeeMe doesn't use the quickcam specifically because the author
didn't want to make it Quickcam specific...but what do I know :)

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