Re: Slide window for windows?

Jason Williams (
Thu, 16 Oct 1997 20:01:47 -0500 (CDT)

On Thu, 16 Oct 1997, Robert Hsiung wrote:
> So neither the Cornell nor the White Pine versions allow Mac and Windows
> users to share slides? :-(

Both Windows versions (White Pine and Cornell) have never been able to do
slides. If I remember right, that developed as a plugin originally for
the Mac Cornell version. The PC versions never were able to have plugins
(hence, the problem with incorporating GeekTalk into a PC version).

On a related note, I recall hearing from Chris Silverberg (author of
GeekTalk), that White Pine was supposedly going to release an API for
their Enhanced 3.0 version so he could program GeekTalk for the White Pine
version. For some reason, I kind of doubt White Pine ever did or ever
will release an API for 3.X so this can be done.

> What I'm experimenting with is a distance education-type application of
> CUSM. A speaker would speak, but would also show slides. The idea would be
> enriched, not bare-bones, communication.

You could always replace the slide window with something like White Pine's
whiteboard...though I've never had much success with it on a modem. A lot
of the other programs (Netmeeting, Internet Phone, etc) only have a
whiteboard to use (no slide window) so you may want to look into that.
>From what I've seen and heard, whiteboarding takes a lot of bandwidth so
it doesn't work too well over modems. I'm not sure about the slide
window but since only other Mac Cornell users can see it, it's quite

> That sounds great! I haven't been keeping up, are there such programs
> available already? Are there reflectors for them, too? And are any of them
> free?

Netmeeting is free ( but I haven't
tried it out too much. It doesn't allow for multipoint conferencing
though. As far as I know, none of the standards based packages allow for
multipoint conferencing except when connecting to a multiconferencing
bridge like White Pine's MeetingPoint Conferencing Server. But Netmeeting
and Enhanced CU 3.1 require nothing less than Pentium-90's and I don't
think there are any Mac programs compliant with H.323 yet (at least until
White Pine updates it's Mac 3.1 version).

If the slides can be shrunk (down to 160x120 4 bit grayscale), you can try
looking into Boxtop's iVisit ( which has a paste
mode where you can paste what's in the clipboard into your video window.

Similar to the above...there are also a few ways to send static pictures
in your CU window. This may or may not work well in your case (depending
on the slides that are made). But Imposter is out there at which should work.
There's also a couple of VDIG's out there that do this. This came from
Mac. V.DIG.s.
Mac V.DIG.s is comprised of 3 extensions: Filtervdig, Desktopvdig, and
Scrapvdig. Filtervdig reduces the size of video from default system
vdig to 25% of its original size. Desktopvdig shows your whole screen.
Scrapvdig shows the contents of your clipboard.

with the link to the VDIGs at

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