Re: Winnov vs...

Si Ballenger (
Fri, 17 Oct 1997 00:46:29 -0400

The boards do look the same (although I don't have an actual winnov board to
check), including the big chip on the board having WAVI-95 WINNOV stamped on
it. Engineering and manufacturing cost being being what they are, I doubt
that there is a big difference in the design (maybe more on board memory?).
They advertise being able to do the exact same thing, so any differences
should be slight. As for the software, the small print on the easycam and
easyconnect cd that came with it says copywright winnov. The cd is version
1.0, but I've never used it. Instead I went to the winnov site and got the
2.0 software for windows 3.11 and have been running it with no problems (the
windows 95 setup could be different). The fact that philips refered you back
to winnov shows a close relationship between the two. The winnov guys have
set up a news server at where they answer questions and give
tips. As for paying too much, I'll sell you my $160 14.4 modem and $3,000
486-66! ;-)

At 11:25 PM 10/16/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Wow....and I paid too much for my Phillips cam a year or so ago (ashamed at
>price paid !!! well its only money....what good is it if ya dont
>spend it).
>Actually I sort of wish now that I had purchased the Winnov setup. They
>"look" exactly the same (board and all) BUT, the onboard ROMs are different.
>My experience with support for the Phillips is/was horrible.
>I was browsing for upgraded drivers but none were offered (maybe they are now
>though).....and since the Winnov website offered later drivers, I figured
>what the heck they will probably work.....NOT.
>I installed them and then my audio didnt work and the aspect ratio of my
>video was all messed up....looked like I had gained 25 my face
>alone. I reinstalled the Phillips drivers, but it didnt fix the problem. I
>called Phillips several times to no avail and finally got reffered to Winnov.
>There was a software engineer there that walked me through the fixes, told me
>that even though the boards look the same they werent ....and even went so
>far as to give me his home number to call if I had any more problems
>(ABSOLUTELY UNHEARD OF !!)........I'm happy with the Phillips perforemance
>but if I had it to do again, I would get the Winnov........
>Just my thoughts on the subject....thats what the list is for.....