Re: Modem user (cable modems)
Fri, 17 Oct 1997 00:55:33 -0400 (EDT)

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<< Around here, way cool = way expensive. >>

Like I ussaully say.....if ya dont spend it ..... what good is it.....:)
Here in Vegas:

There is no charge for the cablemodem itself (savings of $450)

The installation fee is only $20 for administrative costs if you do the
installation yourself (no big deal...add a CATV splitter, run good 90% braid
coax to the modem, slap in a network card, hook the modem up to the network
card with cable, select DHCP in TCP/IP setup, set up your mail
address........and bingo your surfing)

The lowest level of service is $49/mo with 64kb upstream and 1mb
incoming......and you dont need to spend the $15-20 /mo for the extra modem
phone line many people have plus you dont need to spend the $19/mo for an

so the thing is way fast and only costs about $11-15/mo ( a lunch or two)
more than many are now spending for regular modem access........not too
shabby !

Now if the internet servers can keep up.....our local servers cache a lot so
the throughput is many times better than loading the internet with traffic
for heavily accessed sites.

ADSL sounds cool too but.......I dont think its here yet.......and it may not
provide a "live" 24hr/day ISP connection.

Yup....Way Cool