Re: Slide window for windows?

Gary Dietz (
Fri, 17 Oct 1997 09:53:49 -0400

>version. For some reason, I kind of doubt White Pine ever did or ever
>will release an API for 3.X so this can be done.

I'm not saying this will or won't happen ;-) But Jason is not a White Pine
representative, and his opinion does not come from inside information.
I'll say no more on this issue for now...

>> What I'm experimenting with is a distance education-type application of
>> CUSM. A speaker would speak, but would also show slides. The idea would be
>> enriched, not bare-bones, communication.

You can also use a Web browser with materials created ahead of time. Geez,
this would be a great idea to integrate into a vertically marketed CU-SeeMe
learning product, wouldn't it? Hmmmm.....

>Netmeeting is free ( but I haven't
>tried it out too much. It doesn't allow for multipoint conferencing


As far as I know, none of the standards based packages allow for
>multipoint conferencing except when connecting to a multiconferencing
>bridge like White Pine's MeetingPoint Conferencing Server. But Netmeeting
>and Enhanced CU 3.1 require nothing less than Pentium-90's and I don't

Actually, pent 100's for G.723. But that's no so bad. Proshare requires a
Pent 133, 32Mb RAM, and 70Mb hard drive space. And you say CU 3.1 is a hog....

>think there are any Mac programs compliant with H.323 yet (at least until
>White Pine updates it's Mac 3.1 version).

See an upcoming Mac preview build and the released product.


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