Re: Whiteboarding

Gary Dietz (
Sat, 18 Oct 1997 12:20:31 -0400

At 03:21 PM 10/17/97 EST, Chris Thompson wrote:
> I am new to video conferencing and I was hoping someone could help me
> out. Is it possible, using a whiteboard, to display a graphic image
> on the whiteboard for other participants to view and if needed, make
> notations around the image. Thanks in advance.
> Chris Thompson


Software Whiteboard: An application that gives you a drawing area where
you can place images, text, screen shots, etc. and have that information
shared between participants.

Whiteboard presentations can be prepared ahead of time. And, at least in
the new WhitePineBoard, you can start a shared whiteboard session that is
"interactive" (anyone can annotate or add slides) or just a one-to-many

Application sharing: One or more applications, physically running on one
machine, are displayed on other machines in the conference. Different
products have different methodologies for controlling who "runs" the
application at any given point in time.


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