Re: Slide window for windows?

Gary Dietz (
Sat, 18 Oct 1997 12:25:12 -0400

At 01:30 AM 10/18/97 -0400, Si Ballenger wrote:
>>> But: if they're plain old pictures, wouldn't it work just as well, if not
>>> better, to make them available via the web instead? Then all people would
>>> need to do is have CUSM and their browser going at the same time. It would
>>> be division of labor! Wouldn't that work?
>>That works as well :) As long as people can load up CU and their web
>>browser at the same time without memory problems. You could always
>>distribute the slides beforehand so people can have them on their computer
>>before the presentation begins. There's a lot of options.
> To avoid the cu overhead, the pictures could be loaded at a free web site
>like geocities, and then powwow could be used for discussion communication,
>and its "take your friends for a web tour" feature could be used to lead the
>group (and their brousers) through all the pictures. Teach could have
>webcam32 running with his picture in the java box so the students would know
>that he was keeping an eye on them! ;-)

Gosh, this is such a good idea for an web based, video and text educational
experience with pre-prepared materials. I wonder why White Pine isn't
working on a product line to accomplish the goals stated in the above


(insert big smily here)


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