Re: CoolTalk

Mark Andrew Nassy (
Sun, 19 Oct 1997 09:15:06 -0400

On Fri, 17 Oct 1997, J. Michael McGill wrote:

> Has anyone tried CoolTalk? Is it any good? How does it compare to
> CU-SeeMe and NetMeeting?

cooltalk provides color video and audio point to point connections for
powerpcs; i dont have access to a ppc so i cant tell u about the quality of
the audio; i heard from a friend of mine who has a ppc that the video
quality is really really good--i didnt doubt it bc the color quicktime
video i get on the irc is good (but tiny). i think the cooltalk video uses
some kind of compression technique that begins with H. which if i remember
correctly requires a really fast processor to keep up. It uses one of the
quicktime extensions to do it video.

the ms windows version of cooltalk works with audio. I tried it on a 80386
and it ran 2 slow to do anything but quit it after running it. i know i was
pushing my luck on a 386 but cuseeme audio and video works on the same 386
so i thought id give it a shot. :-)

I use the cornell version cuseeme because it does not require u to have the
latest and greatest computer to run it. i use this version to make sure i
can connect with all my friends. I get great audio most of the time and the
video is ok. so this is the 1 i use.

netmeeting as far as i know is an ms windows 95 / nt application. no
experience with it as i have win 31 and mac os 8.

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