Re: CU-SEEME-L digest 1289

Mark Andrew Nassy (
Sun, 19 Oct 1997 09:06:22 -0400

> From: Randal Baier <>
> To:
> Subject: Basics on audio for new CU-SeeMe user

> I am running CU-SeeMe on a Mac Quadra 840av using a Geoport modem at

when apple released the geoport telecom adapter (software upgradable
adapter) some1 somewhere at sometime promised that ud b able to upgrade ur
geoport software and get faster connections that way. unfortunately for the
68k macs like the 840av u also have to upgrade ur computer to a ppc
(preferably a 604) to take advantage of the new geoport software to upgrade
ur connection speed to 28.8 or 33.6 (i forgot which it is).

> However I don't have a camera, so I was hoping to watch and listen till I
> get a Connectix cam. I'm using CU-SeeMe 0.87b3 (68K).

most of the time u probably will not b able to comprehend any of the
cuseeme audio transmissions if u use the geoport telecom adapter on a 68k

> I can't seem to get audio from any of the connections I make, from
> sites that I'm pretty sure have audio being sent out.

from my experience i found that u need a minimum of a 19.2 baud modem to
transmit audio that some1 can understand, and that u need a minimum of a
28.8 to receive audio that u can understand. If u have access to a PPC,
install ur geoport and the new geoport software on the PPC then u should b
able to hear the audio being sent out. I was able to speak and listen to a
friend of mine in australia who has an 8100 and geoport for about 2 hours
in a point to point connection with clear audio (no echo or background
hiss) at all times. so the geoport does work pretty good if u meet the
hardware requirements to run it at 28.8 or faster.

Mark Andrew Nassy <>