mac cu-seeme audio

Alvena hyde (
Sun, 19 Oct 1997 08:53:17 -0500

Hello all,

Here's a question for the mac folks, or anybody else that can help:

My fiancee, who lives in Macau, finally got his 56K modem (that's the
best they can get in the orient)

He has a powermac 6200/75/32 (56K sportster robotics)...and I have a
powermac 8500/150/32/28.8 (teleport platinum) He's running ram doubler,
I'm not (doesn't compat with 8500 and cu video) He has a quick cam, I
have an ancient videocam, but both our microphones are mac mics.

We have been trying the cu audio...I get his audio but it is kind of
like he is talking under water most of the time and some words don't get
through at all, when I try to talk to him, he gets almost nothing but
unintelligible garbage...does anyone know what our problem is? Is it
his processor speed, do you think? Or is my teleport not compatible?
Or maybe just the distance, he's just off the coast of china, I'm in
Kentucky...but my provider says they have 3 backbone lines now...and I
was on one of their ISDN lines when we tried to talk...Or should we try
another application for the audio, one of the net phones? If so, which
would be the best?

I'd appreciate any tips anybody has, we are trying to use this for
enhanced communications, and if you know of any solutions, we'd sure be
anxious to try them.


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