underwater audio

Joe Izen (joe@utdallas.edu)
Mon, 20 Oct 1997 14:30:27 +0900

>We have been trying the cu audio...I get his audio but it is kind of
>like he is talking under water most of the time and some words don't get
>through at all, when I try to talk to him, he gets almost nothing but
>unintelligible garbage...does anyone know what our problem is?

I have seen this too when I try to talk to my student and we both talk at
the same time. I use the Mac freeware client. I am in the orient and he
is in the US, but I suspect what is relevant is that there is about a
second and a half delay so we often get out of synch and try speaking just
as a bunch of packets come in. Check whether your transmit thresholds are
set too low.

Dropped packets sound like silence or static, not the characteristic
underwater sound. I suspect this is a nuisance bug that needs to be
addressed i nthe next client version, but it is easy enough to work around.

Good luck,
Joe Izen