New Videum CAMs

Kevin McCluskey (
Tue, 21 Oct 1997 13:04:42 -0300

I recently purchased 2 new Videum Camreas (travel Cam and the ISA Version).
The camera is a seperate stand alone camera that will be used in either
the ISA version or the NOteBook version. However the camera is Plastic and
the cable is seperate. You plug in the cable tot he camera and into a
PCMCIA card if you have the Travel Cam or the ISA card if you have the
desktop ver.

The plastic connector is fragile and I think I broke it by tryinh to plug
in the cable. The Cable is not marked top or bottom so one guesses which
end to plug in. Guess wrong and you can break it.

Did any one buy one? What are your experiences in getting it working?

We did manage to get the ISA ver working and the picture quality is
exceptional. However I think I broke that camera too when I had destroyed
the first one on my notebook, I borrowed the Camera from the ISA one and
repeated my mistake????