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Gary Dietz (
Tue, 21 Oct 1997 18:23:36 -0400


I hope that someone with more tech expertise will chime in, but here is my

On CU-SeeMe from White Pine (I don't know about Cornell) you can initiate a
multipoint conference from CU-SeeMe clients, with no Reflector or
MeetingPoint server, if your network cards, network (routers, hubs, etc)
are IP multicast capable.

If your infrastructure does not support IP multicast, you will not be able
to do this without a server.

However, after White Pine's announcements with our ISP partners, you'll
soon be able to "rent" private conference rooms for your own use (and in
fact you can do this today at Refland at

There are many "public" servers out there now... Check Streaks reflector
list or White Pine's CU-SeeMe pages for a listing of some active ones. Of
course, these will not be private conferences and God knows who you'll meet
(this can be a plus or a minus ;-)

I expect to be corrected by list Gods... So correct and/or flame away.


At 08:49 PM 10/21/97 +0400, Bashar Dahabra wrote:
>Can the Cu Seem Package support the concurret access by two users to on IP
>adress ie two people dial the same IP address of a third user to establish
>a 3 way conference or is this only handled by reflectors ?
>If it can only be done by a reflector what freeware or shaeware reflectors
>are aviable out there to test this configuration.
>Thanks for all the input..
>Bashar Dahabra
>FLAG - Fujairah
>United Arab Emirates

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