Re: Two Onlie Dialers

Jason Williams (
Tue, 21 Oct 1997 19:59:49 -0500 (CDT)

On Tue, 21 Oct 1997, Bashar Dahabra wrote:
> Can the Cu Seem Package support the concurret access by two users to on IP
> adress ie two people dial the same IP address of a third user to establish
> a 3 way conference or is this only handled by reflectors ?

Technically, this is only supported through the use of a reflector. (I'm
neglecting the mention of multicasting with the White Pine client because
most internet users can't use it at all...multicasting hasn't caught on
yet). There was a bug in the older 0.84b7 Cornell version that allowed
multiple people to connect to one person but it wasn't really supported.
Some people I know exploited this bug so they could have everyone connect
to them. But the two people that connected to him couldn't see each
other's video or text so it rendered it somewhat useless. It also had the
problem of disconnecting everyone if one person disconnected.

CU-SeeMe uses reflectors to redistribute the streams to those who want
them. Anytime you wish to conference with more than one other person at a
time, you'll need a reflector.

> If it can only be done by a reflector what freeware or shaeware reflectors
> are aviable out there to test this configuration.

The Cornell reflector is out there though it's quite dated on not very
well supported anymore ( There's also Brian
Godette's Enhanced Reflector which is much more up to date and better
supported. ( Brian's reflector has
many of the same essential functions that the White Pine reflector has,
but is completely free. This was going on the assumption that you wanted
to setup a reflector to test it out with. There's a rather extensive list
of reflectors up on my reflector scanner at to go and test on.

If you do have a need to conference with multiple people and don't wish to
mess with reflectors, you can try software like Freevue (unsupported) or
iVisit ( They both allow for multipoint
conferencing without the requirement of a reflector.

Hope that helps a little...

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