Re: Two Onlie Dialers

Jason Williams (
Tue, 21 Oct 1997 20:35:54 -0500 (CDT)

On Tue, 21 Oct 1997, Gary Dietz wrote:
> On CU-SeeMe from White Pine (I don't know about Cornell) you can initiate a
> multipoint conference from CU-SeeMe clients, with no Reflector or
> MeetingPoint server, if your network cards, network (routers, hubs, etc)
> are IP multicast capable.

The Cornell clients don't support multicasting. I don't really consider
multicasting a viable solution for multipoint conferencing for anything
other than LANs right now. I'm hoping this changes in the future.
Perhaps you could do some tricks with IP tunnelling to accomplish it but
that's not really my area. Since all the routers between point A and
point B have to support multicasting, it puts the demand on the routers.
I don't know of many routers which support it but again, that's not really
my area either. :) I've heard it works great for multicast-enabled LANs

> If your infrastructure does not support IP multicast, you will not be able
> to do this without a server.

Not with CU-SeeMe...but with other programs, it can be done. :)

> However, after White Pine's announcements with our ISP partners, you'll
> soon be able to "rent" private conference rooms for your own use (and in
> fact you can do this today at Refland at

Geeze...this was the *big* announcement from the ISPs? What better way to
entice them to run a reflector than to rally support for people that will
openly pay them for private conferences. I thought the ISPs would open
their newly created reflectors to the public so that everyone can benefit
from them, but I suppose I lost sight of the fact that ISPs would have to
charge money to make up for the heavy bandwidth consumption a reflector
can consume. I guess they can justify the $2000-$25,000 cost of the
reflector itself. Are these reflectors going to be a part of White Pine's
"Public Reflector Network" and carry the White Pine related events or is
this completely different?

I hope the idea takes off better this time than it did in the past. I
remember reading on Usenet about someone attempting to rent out
reflectors. It ended up fizzling out due to lack of participation and
the company couldn't justify the cost of their equipment for it. This is
a bit different in that the equipment from the ISPs already exists and
doesn't exist solely for CU-SeeMe but to provide internet access to paying

> There are many "public" servers out there now... Check Streaks reflector
> list or White Pine's CU-SeeMe pages for a listing of some active ones.

My reflector scanner:
White Pine's "Video Chat Directory":
though my reflector scanner should have all the ones from the Video Chat
Directory that have been up.

> Of course, these will not be private conferences and God knows who
> you'll meet (this can be a plus or a minus ;-)

You might even come across me..and then Lord help you :)

> I expect to be corrected by list Gods... So correct and/or flame away.

Flame? didn't do like other companies I've seen on
comp.dcom.videoconf and constantly push their product into view to try and
make a sale. Multicasting should eventually be better supported. Until
then, multipoint conferencing is going to have to require a reflector (or
other multipoint bridge) or you'll be stuck to proprietary protocols like
CU-SeeMe or iVisit.

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