Miro video DC30 and Cu-seeme

Dr. Carlos Rubio Lainez (crubiol@meditex.es)
Wed, 22 Oct 1997 13:53:09 +0100

I have windows 95, 40 Mega Ram and 2.1 gigabytes HD, Cu-seeme 3.0. and
the miro video Dc30 capture and digitizing card connected with a Sony
video camara. When I use the Vidcap32 (capture program provided with the
Miro Video DC30) I can see in my desktop what the camera is filming (so
I assume that the card is working well!!). When I installed the Cu-seeme
v. 3.0 the installation program told me that there is a problem with the
external Video-Audio device. Despite that the software was installed
succesfully, but when I setup the program this cannot instaled properly
the video device (Miro video DC30).
Does somebody knows why is this happening?
I will very grateful for your oppinions
Thank you very much