APPS: General Protection Faults in White Pine Enhnaced CUSeeMe 3.0

Wayne Fisher (
Wed, 22 Oct 1997 12:47:55 +0000

I am cross-posting this message to multiple mailing lists in the hope
that someone might be able to figure out my problem:

Recently, I experienced problems on my PC so I did a full reformat and

After I had installed CUSeeMe 3.0 from White Pine on my machine, I
rebooted windows 95 (which I usually do after I install new software
just to make sure... I'm kinda paranoid that way... *giggle*)

Anyway, during win 95 startup, Norton Disk Doctor output a message
sayong that a few files in the cuseeme directory had invalid date and
time stamps, and asked if I wanted to correct the problem. I responded

I then connected to the internet and started CU 3.0 - everything
appeared to work OK. but when I closed the program, I received a General
Protection Fault logged against kernel32.dll - and, before anyone asks,
yes, I have the kernel32 update from Microsoft

Any ideas on this one???

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

- Wayne