White Pine CUSeeMe 3.1 dll version conflicts?

Wayne Fisher (waynef@cyberenet.net)
Thu, 23 Oct 1997 12:19:49 +0000

Thanks to all who made the suggestion to download the preview release of
white pine CUSeeMe 3.1 from the white pine web site.... the latest
version of CUSeeMe 3.1 seems to have corrected the kernel32.dll crash
which I was receiving when I exited the released version of 3.0. The
strange thing is, with any version of White Pine's CU installed, I
receive a general protection fault in msvcrt.dll when I exit Internet
Phone 4.5. It appears as if the install of any version of white pine's
cuseeme places a version of msvcrt.dll in /windows/system which differs
from the versionf of msvcrt.dll which allows Internet Phone 4.5 to work
properly without any GPF's. Anyone have any ideas on how I could get
this problem corrected? Anyone on the list have both applications
installed and running without error?

Any ideas would be welcomed...

- Wayne