Re: Internet Phone 4.5 Conflicts

Ken Lyon (
Thu, 23 Oct 1997 13:53:04 -0400

Depending on how the software is set to search for required files, you might
set the WP copy of the dll in the WP startup folder and see if it finds it's
own copy first.


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From: Wayne Fisher <>
To: <>
Date: Thursday, October 23, 1997 1:50 PM
Subject: Internet Phone 4.5 Conflicts

>Thanks so much for you information so far in helping to debug my problem
>with Internet Phone 4.5 and the GPF in msvcrt.dll that occurs when I
>exit the program... spurred by some postings on the win95-l list, I
>decided to do a little investigating....
>The version of msvcrt.dll which I sent to you DOES work with Internet
>Phone 4.5 (and you are correct in your guess that this was a dll file
>installed by Internet Explorer 4.0 - I did a little checking).
>The problem occurs when I install CUSeeMe by White Pine... instead of
>checking for an existing msvcrt.dll, the install program copies it's own
>version of msvcrt.dll to the /windows/system directory. If you force
>the existing msvcrt.dll file to be read only, and the install program
>does NOT replace the file, CUSeeMe cannot start up because a required
>dll file was not found. Yet, if the existing dll file is overwritten by
>the version provided by the install program, I receive th GPF in
>msvcrt.dll when I exit Internet Phone 4.5. It appears as if the white
>pine install program and software uses its own propietary version of
>this file that doens't seem to be compatible with much else... *shrug*
>So, I am in a quandary... I want to be able to use both applications on
>my machine without experiencing any errors or GPFs... maybe those of you
>who understand dynamic link libraries better than I do might be able to
>provide some guidance or advice...
>- Wayne