White Pine Support -- Was: I made a mistake and wish to

Gary Dietz (gdietz@wpine.com)
Thu, 23 Oct 1997 14:43:53 -0400

>At this time, I would like to publicly apologize to the memebrs of this
>mailing list and to the wonderful tech support folks at white pine. I
>was out-of-line, and am sorry if I made anyone out to be incompetent or
>non-supportive. Again, my sincerest apologies....
>- Wayne


We appreciate your adult attitude and understand that often in this
fast-paced world of e-mail, wires get crossed. Your apology is accepted
and lets move on.

I don't believe that we've announced it here, but White Pine is now
offering an online technical support conference (I believe on a trial
basis). This is currently located at Conference 10, and it
is manned(womanned) during business hours (plus a few) EST. It is a 5
participant conference.

See the FAQ at http://support.cuseeme.com/H258.HTM for more details about
this service.

We *do* read this listserv at White Pine, and appreciate all of the help
and comments that appear here. Whether you use the Cornell Freeware or any
of the White Pine versions of CU-SeeMe, Reflector, or MeetingPoint, we
always welcome feedback.

Some things I ask all CU-SeeMe listserv readers to note:

- Some contributors say stuff here about White Pine that is not always
correct. We often hold our tongues because a flame war isn't really in
anyone's interest. We just let it go and move on.

- CU-SeeMe 3.1 is getting better all the time. The audio is starting to
REALLY rock. Even Digitalk and Voxware work better in the upcoming
release. I've personally had two way conversations, point to point, using
G.723 audio on 3.1 pre-releases on a 33.6 modem (on a Pent 133 w/32Mb w/Win95)

- With the Cornell freeware, you must rely on the CU community to answer
questions. Paying customers of White Pine software's CU-SeeMe, Reflector,
and MeetingPoint get phone support appropriate to their purchase agreement
in addition to this community support.

- The idea that CU-SeeMe 3.1 is a system hog is a relative thing. For
better or worse, our appx 9Mb installer footprint is comparable to other
live audio/video Internet products. (Don't forget, we must install the
appx. 2.0Mb ActiveMovie component, so really we are closer to 7Mb). Also,
we have multipoint capabilities, multicast, and have a slew of CODECS for
backwards compatability. Unfortunately, they take room.

iVisit says they require 16Mb "free" (whatever that means). Intel requires
a P133 w/32Mb RAM and 70Mb free hard drive space (seven zero Mb).
NetMeeting requires a fast Pentium (and won't work on a Mac ;-) You get
the idea. For better or worse, we compare favorably with other
commercially released products for size footprint.

- There is a lot of cool stuff going on at White Pine, most of which I
can't really talk about it yet. These new things will make some customers
happy, others will be indifferent, and others will hate us. Hey, we're
adults -- them's the breaks.

I personally believe that White Pine's conferencing products are
competitive with any comparable clients, we lead in the server arena, and
we will bring the Internet conferencing future to many markets who may have
otherwise not been aware of it or been able to afford it.

We are a *public* company and will do our best to bring value to our
customers and stockholders in the best way our team sees fit. These
decisions will not please all, but we will stay the course and bring you
the best solutions we can.

As always, your humble servant trying to do 27 things at once,


....CU on the Net.

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