Re: Internet Phone 4.5 Conflicts

Wayne Fisher (
Thu, 23 Oct 1997 19:18:48 +0000

I just wanted everyone to know on this listserv that the great tech
support folks at white pine helped me to debug and correct my
problem.... the latest version of CU 3.1 (downloadable from the web at fixes the previous problems I was having, and no
longer experience ANY problems running CUSeeMe and Internet Phone on the
same PC. My kernel32.dll and msvcrt.dll GPFs are no longer occurring.
And, I must admit, that after running the latest version of CU 3.1, the
video and audio are on par with Internet Phone... and, given the fact
that CU provides multiparty conferencing, the latest version of 3.1
looks like a sure winner... plus, the speed of the product has been
greatly improved over the release version of 3.0

Thanks again to all who helped me debug this problem... as far as I am
concerned, the issue is now closed - happily I might add... :)

Thanks especially to the wondeful folks at white pine, and Gary Deitz in
particular, for assisting me.

- Wayne

Ken Lyon wrote:
> Depending on how the software is set to search for required files, you might
> set the WP copy of the dll in the WP startup folder and see if it finds it's
> own copy first.