Re: Importing of Phone Book

Jason Williams (
Thu, 23 Oct 1997 15:00:25 -0500 (CDT)

On Thu, 23 Oct 1997, Wayne Fisher wrote:
> Please excuse this question if it has been answered before... can anyone
> point me to a utility or a method for importing the address book from
> the current Cornell version of CU into White Pine's version of CU (both
> version 2..1 and 3.0).

As far as I know, there's no magical utility to convert between phonebook
formats from all the various CU versions. It certainly wouldn't be too
hard to create though. Only method I know of is manually adding each one.
My reflector scanner does have support for both but only for it's internal
reflector list.

Also keep in mind, the importing phonebook options don't quite work as
expected on anything but the latest 3.1 PC version. 3.0 on
Win95/NT refuses to show all the multiline fields while 3.1b3 on the Mac
just plain crashes on importing. 3.1 preview 9 and later seem to almost
handle it correctly. (I believe it's preview 9..I'm not sure)

> Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated....

I could probably write a simple unix script to do it...but a lot of fields
would be lost. The White Pine 3.X client doesn't support importing of
min/max rates. (Kind of pointless letting people set the min/max rates
for each reflector then not allowing them to save it in the Phonebook.)

I've had a TON of trouble getting the 3.X Importing options to work as
expected. You can import a nickname.ini file rather flawlessly, but
importing CSV files is a nightmare. Perhaps White Pine will fix this in
the future. (ie: a clear set of guidelines for the CSV format pertaining
to multiline fields...field separators vs record separators).

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