Re: Problem running version 0.92b2

Bill Woodland (
Thu, 23 Oct 1997 21:19:31 -0500

At 11:44 AM 10/23/97 -0400, Pat Garner wrote:=20
Sandy Background I am new to the listserv. I am having trouble
reinstalling cuseeme on my computer, which has an AMD K6 200 Mhz cpu, ASUS
TX-97 motherboard, ATI 8Mb video card, and I am wondering if anyone can
help me with this problem. Cuseeme (win32) used to work fine on my
machine. I went to the download site and obtained version 0.92b2, and it
worked great. My computer locked up one day when I was multitasking with
Cuseeme and Microsoft Outlook email program, and I had to ctrl+alt+del to
restart the computer. While starting up, the computer went into scandisk
and discovered 1.54 Mb of lost files. I told it not to fix the problem at
first. Upon going back into Win95 I discovered that Cuseeme no longer
worked. There was an error message saying "illegal operation." So I
removed the Cuseeme.exe from my cuseeme directory and reinstalled cuseeme
by opening up the zip file again. I get the same error message. It is as
follows: CU-SEEME caused an invalid page fault in
module CU-SEEME.EXE at 0137:0044d6f4.
EAX=3D00000000 CS=3D0137 EIP=3D0044d6f4 EFLGS=3D00010202
EBX=3D00910ea8 SS=3D013f ESP=3D006df668 EBP=3D006df69c
ECX=3D00007fff DS=3D013f ESI=3D00000000 FS=3D11c7
EDX=3D006df6b8 ES=3D013f EDI=3D00910e50 GS=3D0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
89 48 54 ff 45 f8 8b 4d f8 39 0a 0f 8f 52 ff ff =20
Stack dump:
006df914 00910230 0046a338 0043a935 ffffffff 00000320 00000258 00000003
00910f28 00000004 00910230 00000000 006df6b8 006df700 0044d5a1 006df6ac
Thanks. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Patrick Garner
web address:

I bet the 1.5 meg of corrupted files used to be some of the mfc*.dll files,
which the Cornell version relies upon heavily. Go check your windows
directory and windows\system directory and compare with this info:

MFC30 DLL 322,832 07-11-95 9:50a MFC30.DLL
MFCD30 DLL 55,808 07-11-95 9:50a MFCD30.DLL
MFCN30 DLL 15,872 07-11-95 9:50a MFCN30.DLL
MFCO30 DLL 133,392 07-11-95 9:50a MFCO30.DLL
MFCANS32 DLL 133,904 07-11-95 9:50a MFCANS32.DLL
MFCOLEUI DLL 146,976 01-13-95 11:10a MFCOLEUI.DLL
MFC250 DLL 322,384 04-26-95 11:15p MFC250.DLL
MFCO250 DLL 125,856 04-26-95 11:20p MFCO250.DLL
MFC42 DLL 941,840 03-16-97 2:11a mfc42.dll
MFCUIA32 DLL 5,632 07-11-95 9:50a MFCUIA32.DLL
MFCUIW32 DLL 4,096 07-11-95 9:50a MFCUIW32.DLL
MFC40 DLL 924,432 01-31-97 7:57a MFC40.DLL
MFC40D DLL 890,368 10-06-95 12:06a MFC40D.DLL
MFCN40D DLL 29,184 10-06-95 12:08a MFCN40D.DLL
MFCD40D DLL 248,320 10-06-95 12:07a MFCD40D.DLL
MFCO40D DLL 665,088 10-06-95 12:09a MFCO40D.DLL

If you don't have ALL of these, don't be alarmed. Some of them may have
been added to my system by Microsoft C++ or similar product. Just make
sure the dates and sizes on yours either MATCH what I have, or have later
dates. If you see a difference, tell me which files, and I'll send them to

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