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Bill Woodland (
Thu, 23 Oct 1997 21:19:30 -0500

At 10:57 AM 10/23/97 -0700, Rob Fleetwood wrote:
>Brian Dowtin wrote:
>> About the capitvator pro ...
>> I don't have one, but have some things you can look at to
>> check the wierd screens..
>This is from a message I received directly from VideoLogic who
>manufacture the Captivator Pro...
>It dates from May '96 so may not still be the case but you may want to
>contact them at the number they provided below. Hopes this helps.
>Captivator Pro will not work with CUSeeMe. CUSeeMe requires Video for=20
> Windows Preview Mode which is not supported by Captivator Pro. In
> other respects, Captivator Pro will do the same as Captivator.=20
> Captivator Pro though needs to connect to your graphics card via
> (Vesa Media Channel).
> We are not manufacturing any more Captivator cards, but we still
> stock that we are selling. If you have problems find a dealer that
> still selling Captivator, contact our US sales office on=20
>, te;@ 415 875 0606.

DO NOT get a Captivator card from these guys if you have any intentions of
moving to Windows NT. VideoLogic refuses to rewrite their driver in 32bit
code for NT, not will they give out the source code so someone else can do=

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