WP 2.1.x and WP 3.x audio codecs

Rolf Hemmerling (hemmerling@geocities.com)
Sun, 26 Oct 1997 09:47:20 +0100

Gary Dietz wrote:
> "Voxware and DigiTalk audio codecs will not be available in the final
> release of CU-SeeMe, however users of CU-SeeMe Version 3.1 will be able to
> hear (decode) users of previous versions who are sending audio with these
> codecs.
> G.723 audio codec is not included in this Preview release, but will be
> added in the final release."
Bad news for PC users of WP 2.1.1x: We already got the Voxware and
Digitalk codecs (although they crash my system if I try to send), but
not the G.723 codec. Is this all a license fee problem for WP ??


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