Re: Refs or no refs

Jason Williams (
Mon, 27 Oct 1997 11:32:30 -0600 (CST)

On Mon, 27 Oct 1997, Ross Binnie wrote:
> Yesterday I spent several hours checking many reflector sites. Only a few
> had a traffic, while most were available but unused. It seems that if 2
> people link up at one of these vacant sites, others soon surf in and the
> site will be busy for a while.

This also depends on the reflector. If a lot of people know about it,
then this could happen. I've sat on a reflector for awhile and watched
dozens of people roam in, stay for 30 secs, then leave. My guess is
they're looking for a particular gender to conference with, but then who
knows. :)

Sort of related to this and the load balancing problem of reflectors. I
wish there was an easier way to balance the load over all the reflectors.
I could imagine everyone going to one address and then CU or the Reflector
picking the least used reflector to connect to. I've seen many times
where one or two reflectors stay packed with 20-30 people and 100 other
reflectors stay empty. This would balance the load better but then also
create problems for systems which may not be "up to par" with speed. You
could have a directory of reflectors and a list of who all is on each of
them along with the maximum allowed participants, senders, etc.

Unfortunately, that won't happen for quite awhile. The only load
balancing techniques I've seen are messages when the reflector is full to
"go to XXX" where XXX is another reflector. Load balancing might also
work out with linked reflectors, but then conferences get too big that
way. (And let's not forget, the older (and possibly newer) CU clients
can't handle a Participants list of more than 23/24 people.) But hey..I
can always dream :)

> I wish more women were interested in Cu. There are a lot of males but only
> a very small number of females on at any one time.

CU just follows the basic patterns of the net :)
I think it'd be neat to see the tables turned...with 10 women on the net
for every male...See how the males would handle the harrassment :)
I long for the day when I can say, "Wow..there's TOO MANY women here" :)

<visions of grandeur blur my sight...>

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